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Artificial intelligence

Fully managed intelligent environment taking care of all workflow, upgrades and compliances.

AI workflow

A vendor-neutral platform that empowers efficient communication and AI workflow for better care and service quality in medical imaging environments.

Secure and Integrable


Multi-ology solution to handle
imaging and clinical data in a central platform.

Central Computing

Waira’s product can be integrated with any RIS and PACS system and complies with HL7 and DICOM, allowing operators who already use their PACS to upgrade it with Waira Platform.

Comprehensive Analytics

Reveal critical cases quickly to enable better care delivery
and save patient’s life.

Data Analytics

Can easily access comprehensive analytics and statistics, collaborate and
communicate results promptly to physicians to enhance their ability to treat patients and prevent delays in treatment.

Why Choose Us

Provide Advanced SaaS for Advanced Enterprise

Shifting content such as enterprise images from on-premises databases to Software as a Service (SaaS) technology hosted in the cloud provides organizations with the ability to quickly adopt and implement new technology and solutions.

A solution that properly encrypted and fully redundant.

A data with artificial intelligence (AI) and actionable insight.

A platform with quickly adopt new technology and implement solutions remotely.

An agile technology based on modern, cloud-based architectural styles.

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About Us

Ultimate automation and security for your cloud workflow

Waira is an innovative platform that fills the gap in the current enterprise imaging
and empower better clinical communication in medical imaging environments.

Insightful and Actionable

Waira offers highly
specialized Medical
Informatics and Medical
Imaging Solutions and

Knowledgeable and supportive

Having a strong expertise with a mission to empower better
Clinical Communication for better patient care in medical imaging.

Monitoring & remediation that’s fast, perfect, simple & reliable!

24/7 Monitoring your SaaS environment for security settings, access controls, and other critical compliance risks – and eliminate error-prone manual compliance checks once and for all – with Waira’s comprehensive security operations and remediation services.

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Company Timeline


Global leader in healthcare and medical imaging

We use the power and scale of top tier pre-engineered cloud environment and platform.

Drive Workflow Forward

Scalable security, management, artificial intelligence for Medical Imaging Workflow and Secure Intelligence Healthcare Cloud Service.

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